Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tips Maintaining BackBone Health

One part of the body which often ignore their backbone health. In fact, in this section there are all the nerves that connect the central parts of the body with the brain. Do you realize that every activity and the activity of the BackBone can hurt us?. Activities to keep the Backbone still good, not only useful for the goodness and health, but also to maintain upright posture and healthy. Here are tips for maintaining posture to keep your BackBone:

1. When will lift the goods or the baby from the floor, bend your knees, do not bend. When you bend and lift heavy items from the floor, it can hurt and burden the spine with the heaviest burden. One-harm can occur even cramps or dislocations of Health use the right tool. When will lift heavy items from the floor, try to keep the BackBone straight. Bend your legs to align with the goods. Lift the item close to the body, then slowly rose again.

2. Likewise, when you will put heavy items into place high above your head, try not to lift the item higher than your shoulders. If you will store heavy objects in high places, use a ladder or chair. Lifting heavy loads above your shoulder line can cause the BackBone have a very large pressure, seek medical devices that fit in Store Equipment Distributor Health & Medical Devices.

3. Change positions often as possible if you have to stand in a long time. For example when you stand up while ironing clothes Apparatus hypotension, use a small stool or chair to put your feet alternately. This need for balance and weight change pedestal, use Apparatus hypotension. Stand up straight, not bent over with his head held high.

4. Walking upright, with her head looking forward and back straight. Walk with erect posture, foresight, and the ends of the feet pointing straight ahead. Use comfortable shoes and the right thin. Avoid standing in the same position for long. Do not walk hunched over, avoid using high heels in a long time.

5. While in the car, sit up straight, promote driver seat so your feet closer to the pedals. Keep your knees aligned with hips. Prop your lower back with a towel roll or advocate specific BackBone. Do not sit too far from the steering wheel should use Medical Devices. Watch your feet when stepping on the pedal. If too far, bring, because when the leg muscles suddenly stretching without heating can cause cramps and pressure on the Backbone.

6. While sitting at the computer or in front of the television that usually lasts a long time, make sure your thighs are parallel to the floor, not to bend the legs too high (meaning your knees higher than hips), or your legs dangling far from the floor.


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