Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Latest Research - Purple Tomatoes Repellent Cancer

THE experts in the UK is currently developing a kind of purple tomatoes which claimed to have benefits inhibits cancer cell growth. New type of tomato gene crossing is believed to contain many experts antioxidant pigment called anthocyanin which play an important role to banish the tumors and cancer.

As reported to the journal, Nature Biotechnology, scientists from John Innes Center, Norwich, managed to create a new type of tomato variants with combinations of genes from the Snapdragon flower or magi Antirrhinum.

Snapdragon flower is known as one of the anthocyanin-rich plant, a substance also found in various types of dark berries such as blackberry, cranberry and chokeberry.

In his latest research, genetic engineering of tomatoes has been tested on mice in the laboratory. The result, groups of rats given a cancer sufferer purple tomatoes survived significantly longer than mice with the standard diet, either fed or given without regular tomatoes.

"The effect is greater than we expected," said research leader Cathie Martin, a plant biologist, too. Martin added, although fruits such as blackberries or blackcurrants efficacious prevent cancer, heart disease or neurological disorders, but not many people who eat them.

In fact, experts are trying to create a tomato fruit containing anthocyanins with the help of many genes Snapdragon flowers. In the process, experts said that normally tomato red into purple.

The experts also said that tests of tomato fruit is the man still can not be done in the near future. The next goal is to examine how the content of antioxidants in purple tomatoes can really affect the development of tumor cells in order to increase the quality of healthcare.


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