Thursday, February 25, 2010

Aids Prevention for uninfected

Until this moment there is no vaccine that can prevent or treat HIV-AIDS. But is not something that is impossible to conduct HIV prevention for themselves and others. Therefore, understanding the transmission process is the key to prevention. Here I would like to measures to prevent transmission of HIV/AIDS if you are not infected with HIV-AIDS.

1. Understand HIV-AIDS and teach others. Understanding HIV-AIDS and how the virus is transmitted is the basis for preventive action, spread this knowledge to others such as family, friends and relatives.

2. Know your HIV status of sex partners you. Having sex with just anyone make the perpetrators of sex is very risky HIV-infected, and therefore know the HIV status of sex partners is essential.

3. Use new needles and sterile. The most rapid spread of HIV AIDS is through sharing needles with people alternately with positive HIV status, transmission through needle often occurs in IDU (injection drug user).

4. Qualified Condom Use. Besides making ejaculation slower, use of condoms during sex is effective in preventing HIV-AIDS transmission through sex.

5. Perform circumcision/circumcision. Many studies in the year 2006 by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) showed that circumcised men have a risk of doing 53% less than those who do not perform circumcision.

6. HIV tests done regularly. If you are someone with a high risk, HIV testing should be done regularly, at least 1 year.

Just this once about AIDS prevention for the uninfected HIV-AIDS, share this info to your friends.


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