Monday, February 15, 2010

Like Diet, Avoid from Breast Cancer

One study revealed that women who have a diet consisting of meat and variety of livestock products like milk, eggs and processed products can reduce the risk of breast cancer.While many of those who receive a high intake of fiber foods like fruits, vegetables and grains also showed a low risk of ovarian cancer.The findings were published in the medical journal The International Journal of Cancer that links between the role of diet to cancer risk in women.

Intake with higher alcohol content consistently linked to higher risk of cancer, but when associated with other diet will find some results that can differ from each other, "said Dr.Valeria Edefonti of the University of Milan.

From some studies say that women who ate red meat or processed meat product range will have a higher risk of breast cancer, but other studies found the opposite was the link between red meat and variety meats that have been processed with cancer.

Saturated fats are found mostly in foods of animal protein is said to have close links with breast cancer but in several other studies had conflicting results.

While some other researchers recommend a diet that is a combination of nutritional considerations favored with what each individual. In his research and his colleagues Edefonti access to a diet of 3600 women with breast cancer and ovarian and compared with 3413 healthy women.

Based on answers to the researchers found four dietary groups
The first group is a group of adherents of animal protein pattern of `" the red meat consumed in large amounts, saturated fat, zinc, calcium and certain number of other nutritious food.

The second group is the group that has an eating pattern rich in vitamin and fiber ", which is rich in vitamin C, beta carotene and other nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.

Diet group "unsaturated fats" which contains a high content of vegetable oils and fish oil while also vitamin E. While the last group is the group with eating a high carbohydrate content of vegetable protein and sodium.

Group of women who adhered to the diet "unsaturated fats" have the lowest risk of breast cancer while consuming a high carbohydrate foods with a risk of both types of cancer.

In the general advice of the doctors suggested that we should eat less red meat, foods high in saturated fats and multiply eat vegetables and fruits, wheat family and whole grains, and consume unsaturated fats. Which is rich in vitamins and rich in fiber is the group with the risk of ovarian cancer is the lowest compared with the group with low dietary vitamins and low in fiber.


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