Sunday, February 28, 2010

Danger of too Much Masturbation

Generally, according to sex therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of 'She Comes First', there are two reasons men do masturbate. "First, the bad economy left many people without jobs. So they sat at home, bored, and start this activity more often. "

While the second reason, Kerner explains, current porn videos very easily accessible. As a result, there is a necessity that he needs to masturbate. But, you know, the activity 'solo' this sex, can jeopardize your relationship and your partner?

KERNER also said, there are two factors that cause a person dependent masturbation. However, when men masturbate more often, this condition can interfere with a healthy sex life.

"There are serious consequences if the frequency of excessive masturbation. One danger is the difficulty of achieving satisfaction when having sex with the opposite sex, "said Kerner added.

What's the solution? If you are aware, the couple takes a long time to reach climax during sex or if he can not finish at all, one way is by knowing the frequency of activity 'solo' sex.

"If it turns out the answer according to your suspicions, that is too often masturbate spouse, you can take him to discuss this issue. Give him the notion that there are bad effects if the frequency of excessive male masturbation. One of them, reducing the enjoyment of having sex with a partner.

Give him that sexual motivation normally better effect on him, and his relationship with you. "If a man unable to cope with this problem, you should ask him to consult with sexologists or psychiatrist," says Kerner.


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