Sunday, February 7, 2010

The characteristics of person with HIV - AIDS

In general, people with AIDS is very hard to know. There are no physical characteristics specific to HIV, because HIV attacks the body's immune, the features that seemed so common diseases. New typical physical symptoms seen during infection appears opportunities, infections appear at the advanced stages of HIV. The form is also no different from people affected by the disease but not for HIV, like tuberculosis, Kaposi's sarcoma, swollen lymph nodes, etc. To know for sure so check the blood to determine the presence of HIV virus. Almost all general lab could, but should first consult with a doctor who used to deal with HIV patients.

Symptoms in people who may be suffering from HIV virus, such as:
1. AIDS will look lethargic, listless and weak. Vulnerable to all kinds of diseases.
2. In the heavy phase, people with AIDS will look very thin, dilated pupils, limp and weak will lay waiting to die.

The characteristics of HIV/AIDS is a person may experience decreased immunity or immunity, it could we see a man infected with the virus will easily flu-like illness that recovery is a long time. If you have an advanced stage will be very vulnerable once he could develop complications of the disease. Such as diarrhea, respiratory infections, skin blisters, body weight continued to decline, so people looked thin and dry.

A person can be infected if he had sexual intercourse in turn both heterosexual and homosexual, and the more vulnerable that other relationships, can the transfusion of infected blood from a syringe could ever equal diapak patients.


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