Monday, February 8, 2010

How Prevent Dental Plaque

Plaque formed in the teeth came from the accumulation of plaque (eftovers) are attached to the tooth surface is not lifted/in the clear at the time of brushing teeth, mixed with saliva and harden. If you have formed their own rock hard to clean with just brushing his teeth. Coral strong teeth attached to the tooth can be cleaned only with the help of special tools (scaller) both manual and ultrasonic, which can be obtained at dental clinics. Own tartar can cause gum inflammation resulting from bacterial toxins that stimulate gums continuously. If left will cause the teeth they will waver, and eventually date.

How to prevent the formation of tartar is quite simple, that is diligently and thoroughly clean the teeth, is good and right (brochure how good brushing teeth can be obtained easily on brochure provided at the clinic waiting room, dental clinic). Use of dental floss is also very important to clean areas that are difficult to reach by a toothbrush, especially the areas between the teeth (interdental) are also teeth crowding. Consumption of foods that contain lots of fiber and water also proved to be more healthy teeth than foods that are sticky and are loaded with sugar.

In the children's teeth began suffering from dental caries, mainly due to the many bad habits, such as for example, drink milk bottle to fall asleep, often chewing food in the mouth, eat too much candy, chocolate and sweets, or parents who pay little attention to the habit of brushing their children. Assumption that the teeth in children is only temporary because daughters will eventually be replaced by permanent teeth is the assumption that is not appropriate. Helps maintain oral hygiene in children from an early age is very important. Children with medical conditions that are not good teeth will reduce the appetite in children because it can not chew well, so the effect of decreasing nutrient. There should also be remembered that the infection of the teeth can cause infection or the place / other organs (eye, kidney, liver, tonsils, heart, etc.) is called the focal infection due to bacteria from the teeth to come with nested circulation in other organs. Besides guiding milk teeth are permanent teeth. If the date of baby teeth prematurely or suffered serious damage, permanent teeth will lose in the growth direction, so the permanent tooth grows irregular (crush).


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