Thursday, February 18, 2010

3 Signs that a Woman has been Satisfied

Pairing satisfied with "making love" is one thing you are obliged to do. This way you can provoke more aggressive with more sex. If the spouse does not also give an indication of content to make love, you do not need to be confused. You can judge a variety of ways, told AskMen.

Both nipples harden.

Although there is a possibility at the beginning he was not eager to make love, but along with the sensation of heat that you provide, can make a couple more subdued on your game. Satisfied couples can be seen from the growing nipples harden. Without realizing it, the couple often launched naughty moan or sigh.

Couple sleeping in bed
Another common sign is satisfied with the woman after having sex scene was asleep in bed. After the rounds through the drain stamina to make love, do not be surprised if you find the couple asleep in bed. You also can take a position with the bed beside her.

He could not walk

One sign of women satisfied reflected when the couple having sex difficult getting out of bed. He could not walk because his legs are shaking. Shaky legs is one sign you've managed to satisfy his desire. Therefore, the couple took a few minutes before going to the bathroom to clean herself. So do not be afraid you can not satisfy the couple. Keep experimenting and looking for a more exciting location.


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