Thursday, February 25, 2010

Healthy Foods for Babies

One important thing to note is the provision of appropriate foods for a certain age. It would be impossible to give solid food to newborn babies.

Feeding on infant growth adjusted to the digestive organs and the baby gets older, must be increased feeding intensity and its variations. Food supply is very influential in the development of motor, physical and infant brain, in addition to factor X during pregnancy, therefore infant nutrition should be highly considered.

For newborns, breastfeeding is very important. Ation should be given from the time a baby is born to a certain age, at least 6 months of age is called Asi exclusive. Ation can also be given until the baby reaches the age of 2 years. Ation is very good for babies because it contains substances that are very important that can form immune.

Typically, many new mothers who throw their first Asi, Asi when it first beninglah color is most important for infants because it contains anti-body that would be very useful to protect the baby's body from disease. After 6 months Asi replacement can be coupled with the use of powdered milk.

After 3 months of age, babies can be introduced with a fine meal. The best is the provision of fruit that do not contain much fiber and refined, such as bananas, avocados and papayas.

For bananas and avocados can be scraped and fed a little to the baby, while papaya can be destroyed until smooth. Giving very good fruit because the fruit contains many nutrients, nutrients and vitamins for the baby. She also can provide a lot of instant food sold freely by the manufacturers of baby food, but it would be better to give something more natural for baby's first food.

At 6-month-old baby, the baby can eat more solid food. Giving solid foods should be done slowly so that the digestive organs of the baby accustomed to changes in food. Mother can give your baby or rice porridge team and other canned foods that are not too much trouble.

At the age of 9 months, baby's digestive already strong and ready to eat baby food that is more coarse. Providing a more coarse food can help smooth digestion than give the baby more nutrition to the baby.

At this age, babies are also ready to eat vegetables boiled first until tender. Vary your baby's diet so that baby is not bored and did not refuse if fed. You can also introduce different taste good chicken broth or beef for a varied diet, but do not give it first because the baby was not ready to digest meat.

1 year of age is the age where the baby is ready to eat foods that are consumed by adults. Soft rice with lots of gravy is the right choice for your baby diet.

At this age babies can also eat meat but it must be ensured that such meat should be really soft. Reproduce variations in food intake is to multiply a very good nutrition for your baby's growth. Try also to provide much food for marine growth baby's bones.

Above the age of 1 year to 2 years old baby, baby rice ready to eat solid food and various adults. At this age you can also freely introduce various delicious foods to your baby.

But still provides a healthy diet and nutritious, and do not reproduce junk food or snacks, because besides not healthy, these foods can cause obesity, dental reefs, and cause your child no longer want to eat healthy foods.

Do not forget also the provision of vitamins and substances other useful for the growth of the perfect child. Giving substance appetite enhancer but is also recommended if your child gave you really do not want to eat. Providing food can also be balanced with the milk and make sure that the food and milk your child's balance.

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