Friday, February 19, 2010

8 Cause of Sagging Breasts

At a certain age, a woman's breasts will be relaxed. It was reasonable because the milk glands shrink, so there is space in the skin covering the breast. Relaxation could also be due to a drastic change in the body, so that the fat in the breasts reduced. While that condition was not accompanied by her shrink wrapping breast skin.

An aircraft engineer born Newport, Texas, United States, Ir. N.O. Brantly states, such as aircraft, the human body are also affected by the law of gravity. Body parts were especially prominent and not supported, for example by muscle or bone. Bulge which is referred to the breast.

Dr justified this opinion. Melissa S. Luwia, MHA from Indonesia Cancer Foundation. Because prominent and had no muscle, are affected breast gravity. That is why, hang it (suspension) of this organ to be supported by a particular instrument. It was what we call a bra, bra, breast buffer, or BH (breast holder).

According Brantly, BH it is the cause that makes the most beautiful breasts are not. Unfortunately, not many women are aware of it. They do not know, like what bra is best to support breast beauty.

Here are some factors that cause falls and breast engorgement in addition to the things that have already been mentioned.

1. Childbirth and breastfeeding. Growing breast size with age pregnancy. Breast enlargement makes its mass increases. As a result, downward pull was stronger.

2. Too big and shaken. Similar to the case of nursing mothers. Breast mass affects the gravitational pull. The greater the mass, the greater the force of gravity, especially if the breast is always shocked, especially in athletes.

3. There is no buffer. Familiarize themselves with no bra will cause the slack, especially when relatively large breast size.

4. bad habits. Sloping bed can make breast sagging. This can be explained by the theory of gravity. At her side, her breasts that held nothing at all, except by the BH. In contrast to sleep on their backs, because the breasts are supported by the body.

5. Disease. Diseases such as TB (tuberculosis) or breast cancer can result in a small, loose, or fall. This is because the virus and destroy malignant cells of organs.

6. Malnutrition. Although consumption of nutritious food is more useful to tighten the skin, this factor is very important. Diseases such as tuberculosis or cancer may arise from lack of nutrition. Foods such as cabbage, soybeans, tempeh, soy milk, and garlic is good for preventing breast cancer.

7. Harsh treatment. Every inch of our bodies should be treated lightly, especially breast. Harsh treatment such as wringing too strong, so define the beauty of breasts. Also if we use a bra that made her breasts pressed, squeezed, and others.

8. Error bra. BH is too small, too tight, or not made with good materials, can cause unhealthy breasts. As a result, the breasts become loose and fall.


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