Thursday, February 25, 2010

Benefits of Tomatoes for Strength and Beauty

Benefits of Tomatoes. TOMATO is a fruit that does not know the season. Tomatoes contain a variety of beneficial nutrients. Ranging from increasing the sexual vitality to beauty. Tomato fruit can reverse impotence and increase the number of sperm. Tomatoes are also very effective to remove the mask acne. Want to know what the benefits provided by the fruit of this love apple nickname?

Tomatoes are the easiest plants encountered. Bright red color is really interesting. In addition to vitamin A and C, tomatoes supposed to cure various diseases. If traced its history, tomato or the Latin language called Lycopercisum esculentum, initially found around Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. By the people of France, the tomato is called "Love Apples" or Pomme D `amour. It says the apple of love as tomatoes are believed to be able to restore scientific impotency and increase sperm counts and sperm motility increase agility.

Tomato fruit consists of several varieties. Among them, tomato sized fruit, vegetable tomato smaller size, and cherry tomatoes the size of marbles. Whatever varieties, tomatoes contain nutrients that contains vitamins A, C, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients substances. For people who are experiencing fever, tomatoes have antipyretic properties that can reduce fever. Meanwhile, high in fiber in the tomato to overcome digestive disorders like constipation and hemorrhoids.

Benefits of tomatoes actually been studied for a long time. The man who first studied scientifically is Dr. John Cook Bennett from Wiloughby University in Ohio. The study says that tomatoes can treat indigestion, diarrhea, restore liver function, and bile attacks. However, further research provides antitesa of research by Dr. John Cook Bennett. Through advanced research conducted at Rowett Research Institute, Aberdee, Scotland, found the gel surrounding yellow tomato seeds. Usefulness of this yellow gel was able to prevent clotting and blood clots cause strokes and heart disease.

Confirmed Dr. Mieristika Rooselani (28) from Dura Skin Center, a tomato contains many benefits for the human body. "Tomatoes contain nutrients and fitonoutrien. Pro Vitamin A (carotenoids), vitamin B1, vitamin C, folic acid, minerals, calcium, iron, sulfur, potassium, potassium, phosphorus, licopene, saponin, lutein, caumarine, citric acid, and fiber. The fruit is very representative for the people consumed the diet and for women who always wants to look pretty, "he said.

Eating tomatoes should be cooked first. Suggestion is in accordance with the FAO and WHO study that said, if the content of lycopene is not damaged and there were not much changed during heating, tomatoes efficacious cure skin diseases.

"Tomatoes are the most beneficial fruits for beauty. Some of them can cure acne, inflammation and wound healing in the skin, as an antioxidant and can also be used to remove dirt on the skin. They are able to moisturize and reduce excess oil on skin and has a role in the formation collagen, "he explained.

Pigment red on tomatoes have more value than any other fruit. The red color in tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant substance that can destroy free radicals in the body due to smoking, pollution, and ultraviolet light. In addition, later known efficacious lycopene helps prevent cell damage that can cause cervical cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer. Lycopene not only found in tomatoes. Some other fruits that also contain lycopene is a red grape, watermelon, and papaya. Please note, lycopene is fat soluble it difficult to absorb by the body. Therefore, the recommended way of processing tomatoes with boiled or steamed.

In the world of beauty, tomato fruit used as base material and the mask antiaging pill. In accordance with the study, lycopene proved effective as an antioxidant that can heal wounds and acne. If the tomato rubbed on the face, sitratnya acids can help lift dirt and grease. In tomato also contains carbohydrates which when consumed regularly can be an additional source of energy for the body, stimulate the brain, and muscles. Make people who are dieting, fruit contains carbohydrates more digestible than the carbohydrate content of rice, noodles, and bread.

In addition to lycopene, tomatoes also contain a protein that would be a source of amino acids to build and replace cells damaged. Tomatoes are also a mainstay to detoxify the body through juice therapy. Two colors of tomatoes, ie red and green, representing the content of vitamins. A good tomato is red tomato consumption. Red tomatoes contain vitamin C, and D five times more than the green tomatoes. The more mature tomatoes, the rich content of vitamins.

"Because it was a small child should be accustomed to eating lots of red tomatoes. This is essential for healthy eyes," he said. So, no need to hesitate to give your baby tomatoes. Since the age of 6 months, the child should begin to get used to eat tomatoes and other fruits.

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