Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chronic insomnia remove brain material

Jakarta - Chronic Insomnia makes people lose sleep and loss of brain matter. more than that, can result in death. Really?

Recent studies using new brain imaging have found chronic insomnia causes the brain's ability to make decisions and to rest so reduced. This research was conducted to help the patient sleep.

"These findings predict that chronic insomnia may compromise the ability to evaluate the affective value of stimuli would be reduced. It is also consequential to cognitive processes, in particular those decisions," said Ellemarijie Altena, Prime author of the study from the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, as quoted from the site femalefirst, Thursday (18 / 2).

The study, published in Biological Psychiatry, the reference would have happened a physical and psychiatric disorders. Even changing the density of the brain if chronic insomnia worse. In the end make you attacked by many diseases, which can cause death.

Severe insomnia was caused much harm to the sufferer. So that it can not continue to happen, according to the researchers, should as soon as possible to do healing and treatment, so no more insomnia.

For that is not spelled out how difficult. Start with regular exercise, avoid eating and drinking too much before bed, sleep in a comfortable environment, reduce consume stimulant drinks such as tea, coffee, or alcohol, eat a carbohydrate snack before bed and warm milk.

Then a warm water bath 30 minutes or an hour before bedtime, stop watching television, reading books an hour before bed, use a special bed for sleeping, relaxing activity to do regularly, clear your mind, and regular sleep and wake up every day.


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