Sunday, February 7, 2010

6 Benefits of Papaya Leaves to the Human Body

Apparently papaya leaves have many benefits for our bodies, do not think that the tree that grew beside our house, it has many benefits for the needs of man himself. So what are the benefits of papaya leaves?

Follow the article below to find out the benefits of papaya leaves to mankind.

1. As an acne medicine.
For you who do not feel confident having pimpled face. Especially for women who are always watching beauty. Papaya leaves can cure that is by making him a mask.

How to create a mask: take 2-3 papaya leaves the elderly. Then dry in the sun and mashed until smooth. Add a half teaspoon of water, just deh can be utilized to the full face of your acne.

2. Streamlining Benefits digestion
The leaves of the papaya plants contain chemical compounds karpain. Substance that can kill microorganisms that often interfere with the digestive function.

3. Increase appetite
These benefits are primarily for children that are difficult to eat. Take a fresh papaya leaves and the size of your palm. If you've met add a little salt and half a cup of warm water. Mix and blend. Then strain the water, well water that can be used to increase appetite.

4. Dengue fever
Who would have thought that the papaya is also able to cure dengue fever. Try to collect 5 leaves. Add half a liter of water and boil. Take water if you've left behind a quarter alone. Myself have never prove it, so if things do not improve immediately to a doctor immediately (even if improved immediately brought to the doctor). Let's just say this for first aid!

5. Menstrual pain
Ancient Javanese women often use papaya leaves to treat menstrual pain. Take enough leaves only 1, add tamarind and salt Java. Then mix with a glass of water and boil. Chill before drinking the potion papaya.

6. Anti cancer
It is still not sure, but from some research that the benefits of papaya leaves can also be developed as anti-cancer. Actually, it not only leaves but also stems papaya can be used. Because the condition was a Milky latex (milky white sap).


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