Saturday, February 27, 2010

Extraordinary sensation, Sex in Bathroom

Saturated sex in bed? You can do it in the bathroom. You could feel the incredible sensation.

Start in the morning. To do this, experts suggest romance, shortly before intercourse done in the bathroom, you should foreplay or do a longer warm-up. You do not need to hurry, because you love the satisfaction later.

Do wash each other with each other, rubbing each other body and soaping each other. You need to know, soaping each other the same thing to give more attention to each other. You as a man, should do this according to your heart and your sexual desires. Give special attention and on her breasts. Tenderness breast stroke. Make your partner feel really comfortable before making love.

You do it until it was ready to pair with the next stage of romance, penetration. Nothing wrong with a stylish stand facing each other or back to your spouse. Let your partner up on the wall.

Remember, you need to consider is the bathroom floor was wet and somewhat slippery. Do not be too hard to dominate a partner. The aim is to avoid you and your partner stumble.

Tips to make love in the bathroom:

- Cover the toilet for a while. You can close it with a large towel cloth. Then make the toilet as a pedestal resting during lovemaking.

- You can also use the sink or bath tub as an alternative resting place.

- Turn off the lights, light some scented candles scented. Put in the corners of the bathroom. Make sure the location, far from the objects of flammable or water.

- Clean the bathroom of things like the shower curtain, soap, shampoo, and other objects. If you want to try ML on the bathroom floor, clean the bathroom floor had been carefully so as not slippery.

- You can remind the couple to free make-up before entering the bathroom. Remember, makeup will fade and be exposed to water damage during your romantic love.


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