Thursday, February 11, 2010

Prevent breast cancer in women

As a woman, do you know how to prevent and avoid breast cancer? It was not all diseases attacking a woman, and you do not necessarily suffer from this disease, but that does not mean you do not feel the need to find ways to prevent breast cancer, because knowing how to prevent breast cancer in addition to knowledge, is also useful to prevent yourself and family also a friend of this disease.

This is 13 doves to prevent breast cancer:

1. Awareness of the breast itself
More than 90% of breast tumors detected by women themselves. Note any changes in the breast become an important part of treatment k esehatan women. Currently, women are advised to breast aware? This means that a woman should know what their breasts in front of the mirror, and felt while bathing or lying at different periods of each month, so if any abnormal changes can be known immediately.

2. Breastfeed your baby
Some studies show no relationship between breastfeeding and reduced risk of developing breast cancer although there is no clear agreement on this. The researchers claim that the younger and older mothers to give breast milk to her baby is getting better. This is based on the theory that breast cancer associated with estrogen hormones. Breastfeeding will periodically reduce the level of the hormone.

3. If you find a lump, see a doctor immediately
Research shows many women postpone to a doctor if they find a lump in her breast, they are afraid of having cancer. This is the worst thing they do. If you find a lump, consult a doctor immediately because this will help calm the mind. If the lump is cancer, do get proper treatment to save lives.

4. Find out if there is a history of breast cancer in the family
Still need a lot of research to fully understand all the causes of breast cancer. But one thing you need to believe is the gene factor. These factors at least as much as 10% of all cases of breast cancer. This is considered to be one in 500 people carry genes that make them suspected of having the disease.

5. Watch alcohol consumption
In some studies, alcohol has nothing to do with cancer. This is based on the fact that alcohol increases estrogen.

6. Watch your weight
Obesity appears to increase risk of breast cancer. The researchers found women with a weight of 44 to 55 pounds after age 18 as much as 40% have a higher risk of cancer than those who just changing 4 or 5 pounds during adolescence.

7. Exercising regularly
Some studies suggest that exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer. This is because research shows that the less you exercise, the higher the level in the body esrogen.

8. Reduce fatty foods
There is much debate about the relationship of breast cancer with diet. But there is evidence that certain western lifestyle appears to be increasing the risk of disease. Maintain a low-fat food intake, does not exceed 30 grams of fat per day. This will help maintain a balanced diet that also helps maintain weight. We store estrogen in body fat, so less fat we carry, the better.

9. After the age of 50 years, doing regular breast screening
Although much research is still needed to determine the cause of breast cancer, one of the main factor is the age factor. 80% of breast cancers occur in women aged above 50 years.

10. Learning to relax
Many noted that stress can cause all kinds of health problems. Although still much debate over these findings, lower stress levels will be beneficial to overall health, including the risk of breast cancer.

11. Enter the broccoli into your daily menu.
In about a day you only need a cup of broccoli. Did you know that broccoli contains compounds that sulfuraphane scientifically proven to reduce the risk of cancer.

12. Do not forget fruits and vegetables in the daily menu.
Choose green vegetables and orange. Eat tomatoes rich in lycopene. It is said that lycopene is also an agent who works to fight cancer.

13. Drink green tea rich in antioxidants.
In addition to drinking green tea, dark chocolate kudaplah occasionally, because scientifically proven to chocolate as cancer-fighting agents. But remember not to sweet chocolate, because you will not receive benefits.

As you have read the above it is not expensive or too expensive to save yourself from breast cancer, with a healthy lifestyle and consumption of fiber-laden foods, this way we can do to prevent this deadly disease. Also do not forget the self-discipline.


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