Monday, February 8, 2010

How to care for teeth

Toothache is not a disease that directly threatening. However, this condition often disturb the concentration until the patient could not complete the job properly.
According to Tri Erri Drg Astoeti Mkes, teeth and mouth disease ranked 6th in the list of diseases that often suffered the Indonesian population. "The most periodontal disorders, ie disorders in dental supporting tissue," explained vice-dean of the Faculty of Dentistry IV Trisakti University, Jakarta.

The reasons vary. The majority is wrong in brushing teeth. The case reached 61.54 percent. "There is one way of brushing, there is something wrong time. That is, brushed my teeth multiple times. There are brushing your teeth up to 10 times a day. That's actually damaging the layer of teeth, "said Tri Erri through congress Indonesian Dentists Association (PDGI), on Thursday (20 / 3).

Tri admitted concerned because there are many people who ignore the teeth and mouth health. "Many do not know that dental health problems and the mouth can trigger other systemic diseases. For example, diabetes or stroke. Periodental disorders increase the risk of stroke by 50 percent in those aged 25-54 years, "he explained.

Teeth and mouth disease also affects work productivity. A study found, 62.4 percent of workers due to impaired activity of toothache. If the calculated 5-day week work, the monthly average of 4 working days lost because of a toothache. "If in the rupiah, how are the losses," said the veiled woman.

Therefore, maintaining healthy teeth and mouth are considered very important. Way, brush your teeth properly and regularly. Dental floss (dental floss) and mouthwash can be used if necessary. If busy, there are alternatives to use of products containing xylitol, a natural sweetener that can prevent the occurrence of caries (holes) teeth.

Xylitol, Tri said, was used as a specific product brand name. But, xylitol actually a natural sweetener. She can be obtained from strawberries, cauliflower, and spinach. Xylitol is also produced by liver metabolism. Only, the amount is not much. "Composition of carbon in the other xylitol sweeteners such as sucrose or glucose. Composition of carbon that makes xylitol does not damage the teeth, "said Prof. Akira Suzuki Hamura DDS PhD from The Nippon Dental University Hospital, Japan, during the congress PDGI.

Akira add, xylitol is also known to block the proliferation of mutans Streptococci bacteria (Mutans S) in the oral cavity. The bacteria is what causes the formation of plaque and dental caries.


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