Thursday, February 11, 2010

Breast Cancer In Men

Breast cancer is generally attacked by the gland, both in the gland and the channel supporting the breast tissue. In contrast to benign tumors, breast cancer can spread to the tissue throughout the body. The first affected generally is the armpit tissue, lymph nodes and organs in the body, such as the lungs.

"Often when such examination found abnormalities in the lungs, which is actually a child spread of cancer cells. We do a biopsy, it turned out to disseminate child is breast cancer," explained founder and Chairman of the Breast Cancer Foundation of Jakarta. "The spread is also often found to below the collarbone," he added.

Breast cancer is the suffering men, usually located just below the nipple. Unlike the woman who could lie in almost around the breast. So if you feel a hard lump behind the nipple, try to watch out. Examination is better done early, before the change in the gland that leads to cancer.

Men and women are equal.

Furthermore, doctors who had attended Breast Cancer Therapy in Switzerland, in 2003 was to ensure that breast cancer is found in women with breast cancer diidap men, both in types and colors.

"But to watch is the genekomasti factor," he said. Genekomasti a proper mammary gland is not found or settled on the man who has over 25 years. "Be careful if there are proper mammary gland is not found in men over 25 years," he stated.

Mammary gland is still living, said dr. Sutjipto, one of them caused by hormonal abnormalities. Other factors involved influential, is the presence of liver disease or obesity. Both can increase the risk of breast cancer cells.

If there are abnormalities in the form of a lump, she advised to immediately conduct examinations or ultrasound. "If necessary, if there genekomasti found after age 25 years and over, should be appointed," he advised.

Treatment and therapy conducted

According to dr. Sutjipto, treatment or therapy the patient made a woman or man is the same, namely the way the operation. What distinguishes only stadium from his cancer. It could be just to do a biopsy operation, until the surgical removal of breasts or called by Mastectomy.

"The appointment of the breast is not only done when the patient is at an advanced stage. Instead, at stage 1 and stage 2, the maximum stage 3, we perform more radical surgery. When you have an advanced stage, we simply do a biopsy, chemotherapy, and radiation," explained the doctor's glasses.

Differences stadium, he added, viewed by size. The first stage of breast cancer are still measuring no more than 2 cm. In stage two, the size reaches 2 to 5 cm. Was the third stage, tumor size was more than 5 cm but still has not spread. When you have spread, so regardless of size, stage it was at level four.

In an early stage breast cancer did not cause symptoms. But along with the progression of the disease, symptoms will occur that causes changes in the breast. Then try and browse the occasional touch your breast area on a regular basis, if the suspected abnormalities in the form of a lump, consult a doctor before it's too late.


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