Saturday, February 13, 2010

Horror! the Patient's Eyes Open when a Heart Transplant Operation Took Place

Hearth transplant. How we can imagine this incident, yes, a patient who was operated with an open abdomen is open due to being made a heart transplant process, it was his eyes open and aware. This incident was caught on camera mounted operating room.

Wow chill, abdominal surgery
Such open the eyes of the patient but still conscious

That's what happened to 23-year man named Swaroup Anand Wockhardt Hospital, Banglore India. But after the head of the medical team in charge of providing information led by Dr. Vivek Jawali mention has to operate with such conditions more than 600 times since 1999. This is expressed in the Mail Online that cited ""

According to all operations (hearth transplant)carried out by modern technology and robotics systems are trying to give a little intervention on the body, and let all the body functions more natural way.

Well but if we as a family our relatives witnessed such a really stressful time, although the patient seemed odd expression.

Have you ever experienced stressful conditions when dealing with the medical team? It turned out that a healthy body is better anyway yes! Have to keep the condition of your body properly?


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