Saturday, May 1, 2010

Treating Heart, Disease Traditionally

Heath disease - The heart is the center of circulation. So, should also be said that the heart is the center of life. For people who suffer from heart disease can be identified: one foot planted on the graves.

For patients with heart disease when it came to experiencing swelling in his heart, it will experience pain and pain in his heart. If there are people who experienced such a manner, then there is the recipe, so in order to try to use the recipe suggested below:

1. Take three pieces of betel leaves that meet both of it position (temorose - Javanese language).

2. Take 3 medium red onion cauliflower.

3. Take 4 pieces of fruit seeds cubeb (7 match)

4. Take a small spoon of caraway is also white.

Once you get it all, so now I set it up is as below:

Betel leaf, onion and cubeb washed, while the white cumin do not have to be washed. Then beat the four ingredients until smooth, then mix with water [4] tablespoons, after that you clean the filter, then drink the water of the herb twice a day/morning and afternoon. God willing, heart disease will be cured. Perform regular basis.


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