Sunday, May 9, 2010

Protein Causes Cancer

World Health - Cancer is a disease that until now a scourge because there is no system of therapy that really reliable. So far, the most widely used chemotherapy. The discovery of cancer-causing protein may help in treating cancer.

Cancer is a disease characterized by the development and spread of cells that are not controlled. Uncontrolled spreading (metastatic) is the hardest thing in identifying and finding ways to treat this disease. Abnormal cells can be found in various organs such as breast and lung cancer by producing unique properties for each organ.

The cells that make up organs, live and thrive in a system of organized neatly. Each of these cells coexist with each other with mutual cooperation. However, each cell also has a limited time. There are two things which can cause cell death, namely accidents and programmed. At the time our bodies hurt, hundreds or even thousands of cells die. The cell could die because of programmed (apoptotic), namely in the framework of growth (eg development of the embryo in the womb) or to defend itself from attacks by viruses (immune system).

At the time of cell death, it means that the cells separate themselves from society (anoikis). Cancer cells have a distinctive character that is when it separates herself from her community, it could still live, wandering, and even attack other living tissues (tissue). Many scientists put a big attention to this problem, why cancer cells can survive from apoptosis? Chemicals or compounds support the proliferation of cancer cells?

Some scientists from the Netherlands successfully identified the type of protein can cause cancer. The result of these findings they publish in leading scientific magazine Nature


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