Monday, May 24, 2010

Six Powerful Ways to seduce women

Jakarta - You are a man who wants to touch the hearts of women? It's easy, just follow the six powerful this way. What?

Body language

Posture of your body language that communicates everything. To that end, you just need to arch your back and your chest a little highlight. Take the distance of two feet, when you talk with a woman who becomes a target to your hearts.

Remember, you will not be too close to him, but should be somewhat closer than the distance of everyday conversation. Another addition, you really are always open yourself to stay focused to seduce him.

In order for maximum results, do not ever put your hands into his pockets. To determine whether women enamored with your idol, just a little backwards. Make sure the woman to follow your body movements. If women were to follow your movements, a sign that a successful approach,

Eye contact

Your eyes met his eyes was an effective tool in the art of flirting. You can maximize the woman's eyes with a look of admiration and loving. Typically, such eyes are able to make women's hearts lovesick chaotic. Prove it, if only through the women that you want to tease, give look twice at her eyes, then slowly move smoothly.

After So do not forget to give a smile when you are about to turn away. Wait, if your ideal woman responds, then she will catch your interest cues.


You can do touch. Early start, touching the shoulder or arm while talking to him. Tap is slowly. That is, so you do not touch it as something that is meant to harass. All you need to remember, when touched do not come out from the shoulder. That as a form of respect for him.


You must know, women really like men who dare to do anything to obtain what is wanted. For that, you must appear confident and never give up. Sulk by giving praise to a recommendation. Remember, do it within reasonable limits.

like ordinary

Honest, accurate and candid as you convey to her body language. What you say and what must seem to live there. Invite your female light conversation, not something profound. Do not always talk about yourself, but the exploration of many topics that build familiarity with your interaction.

Hearts Control

You do not be nervous when you approach him. Emit confidence and sure that if you are able to control the heart. Show him feel comfortable and safe.

Remember, women love men who make it safe and comfortable. That power pemikatnya. In order for maximum results, do not brag. Instead, you must be cheerful, enthusiastic with a positive mind and heart.


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