Friday, May 21, 2010

Meaning behind the color of urine while urinating

World health - Well, for those of you who have not know about the meaning behind the color of your urine during urination, why sometimes a clear, yellowish even chocolate? Well, here I would love to know the meaning behind the color of our urine!

Urine can indeed change, changes in urine is influenced by several factors, the most important factor is the water content in our body.

Clear urine color is normal color of urine, if the color changed to light yellow to dark yellow or even that means that our bodies have started less liquid, less likely intake or activity that much, because our body fluid is excreted through the urine at most, and sweat.

To prevent the urine is not yellow is to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, adjusted for the size of our daily activities.

If indeed we are extra activities, then we also need extra fluids, so we should drink more water than usual. Changes in urine color that can be used as parameters that our bodies need water intake. Thus an explanation from me, hopefully can help.


Urine color is clear that there is a colorless, slightly yellowing, yellow, yellow, dark yellow.

clear once = you have to drink water more than enough
slightly yellowed = you already drink enough water
yellow one = you do not drink water (dehydration)


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