Thursday, May 6, 2010

Computers Dangerous For Eye Health

World Health - Age Now who's not familiar with Computers. Almost everyone can use it. Starting from just playing games, browsing the Internet, send electronic mail to do the work serius.Banyak job that requires the intervention of a computer. Looks like the computer help us in many ways.

But not forever, the computer is good. Spending long hours in front of a computer can damage your eyes. Some negative consequences due to too long in front of the computer:

Radiation caused by beta waves on the monitor can cause damage to the retina

According to a study in the United States, the beta wave radiation generated by computer monitors. Please note, computer monitors began production in 2004 have included a weak radioactive silicon components (group metalloids) that is able to make the colors brighter XVGA with little cost.

Radioactive beam will continue to be active until the decay out over 20 years. Damage to the eye is not straight, but it is gradual. For its prevention, every three hours in front of your computer activities, familiarize you to rest your eyes by covering the eyes for 5menit.

Lighting level (brightness), which is too light or too dark is not good for eye health

For information, level of illumination (brightness), which are too bright or too dim not good for eye health. Lighting is too bright will make the eyes glare, while the lighting is too dim and only make the eyes work harder to see. This will make the eyes become tired quickly.

For its prevention, you have to adjust the monitor brightness and contrast until your eyes can see comfortably. You also have to adjust the resolution with the characters on the monitor so that the documents easier to read and your eyes will become more comfortable.

The existence of eye fatigue, blurred vision and dry eyes.

To overcome this, the eye should not be constantly looking at the computer without ever at rest. Occasionally we have to rest my eyes in a way we turn our eyes toward the green plants.

Additionally, winking is also a way to keep your eyes do not dry, because with the blinking eyes will shed tears that will spread across the surface of the cornea. Tears that's what will make the eyes stay moist and clear. To keep eyes healthy, also multiply the consumption of vitamin A and do not look for too long with eyes that are too close to the direction of your monitor.

Computers are important to our lives, but not for too long to use it because it is dangerous for your eyes. Rest your eyes after using the computer and keep your eye health. Because the eye is very important for your life.

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