Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Left Brain and Right Brain

World health - Differences in brain function theory right and the left brain has been popular since 1960. A researcher named Roger Sperry discovered that the human brain consists of two hemispheres (part), the right brain and left brain having different functions. For their services, he received the Nobel prize in 1981. In addition, he also found that when the right brain left brain is working so tend to be more calm, and vice versa.

The right brain functioning in terms of equality, fantasy, creativity, shape or space, emotion, music and color. The right brain's memory is long (long term memory). When right-brain damage in diseases such as stroke or brain tumor, then the disturbed brain function is the ability of such visual and emotional.

Left brain functioning in terms of differences, numbers, sequence, writing, language, calculation and logic. Left brain's memory is short term (short term memory). When brain damage occurs on the left there will be disruption in terms of functionality to speak, language and mathematics.

Although both have different functions, but each individual has a tendency to use one of the dominant hemisphere in solving the problems of life and work. Each hemisphere to dominate each other in the event but both involved in almost all processes of thought.


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