Monday, May 10, 2010

Hepatitis disease is the world's problems

WORLD HEALTH - Hepatitis disease has become the world's problems today. It is estimated that as many as 400 million people worldwide suffering from chronic hepatitis B disease. Approximately one million people die every year because of hepatitis caused by hepatitis B virus (HBV) is. Patients with hepatitis C are also carrying a very large, which is around 170 million people over the world.

Hepatitis disease is also a big problem in Indonesia because the Indonesian population, which is also great. This large population also brings huge consequences. Population by social class, economic and low education are faced with health problems related to nutrition, communicable diseases and poor sanitation hygiene.

While the population by social class, economic and higher education have health problems related to lifestyle and eating habits. Not surprisingly, the current Disease Hepatitis become one of the diseases that get serious attention in Indonesia.

Hepatitis disease in Indonesia

Hepatitis cases in Indonesia has been quite a lot and became the government's special attention. Approximately 11 million population of Indonesia is estimated to suffer from hepatitis B. There is an assumption that one of the 20 people in Jakarta have hepatitis B. Similarly, hepatitis C, which is one of the 10 major causes of death in the World.

Figures for cases of hepatitis C ranges from 0.5% to 4% of the population. If the population of Indonesia is 220 million, then the assumption that the number of hepatitis C sufferers to be 1.1 to 8.8 million patients. This amount can be increased every year those who are infected usually do not experience specific symptoms that go unnoticed by the public and was not diagnosed by a physician. Carrier/transmission of hepatitis B and C virus as a potential source of spread of hepatitis B and C. []


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