Monday, May 17, 2010

Natural Beauty Skin Tips

Natural Beauty Skin - Natural Beauty skin and face is something that is expected by many women. But what is more beautiful if we use a natural beauty tips, because although the results obtained for longer but the outcome is worth.

There are some natural beauty skin tips that I have written on this blog (whether intentionally or not). And it's all natural beauty or traditional. Of course the information is not necessarily 100% correct can make your skin good.

You want your skin looking healthy and beautiful naturally or natural beauty skin, try to get back to nature. In China is very famous for its fineness of skin would prefer to use vegetables and fruits rather than slathering your skin with creams and other cosmetics manufacturers.

Advantages of fruits and vegetables are free of preservatives and fragrance substances so safe for sensitive skin of any kind. Water content in fruit and vegetable fat to moisturize skin and prevent the vaporization of water through the pores. So will result in skin looks clean, soft, supple and radiant. This was said with a natural beauty skin.

But not all fruits and vegetables can restore your skin. On cucumbers, oranges, apples, pumpkins, soybeans, celery and bananas are excellent for cleaning your skin especially the face area. An easy way is with a squashed and wearing as "cream" to smooth the face.

If you want to whiten the face, use a pumpkin, cucumber and soybean. Vitamins B and C in pumpkins turned out to whiten the skin and reduce redness of the skin patches due to sunburn. Cucumbers are rich in vitamins, fats and minerals can also whiten your skin but you should not mix fruit or vegetables that contain vitamin C because it would neutralize the vitamin in cucumber. While vitamins, calcium, fat and protein in soybeans function provides nutrition, moisturizing and overcome the irritation of the skin.

With these tips, hopefully you have natural beautay skin, your skin on beauty naturallya. thank :)

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