Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tips Maintaining Eye Health

Eye Health - Parents are always told to eat carrots so that the eyes healthy, there is also a lot of carrots to eat every day in order to avoid a minus eye. Some believe that eating or drinking carrot juice can normalize minus eye. Is it true that all belief? Then how do we maintain eye health? The following simple tips.

Overall eye function is as the senses of sight that receive light stimuli on the retina, through optic nerve fibers, delivers stimulation to the center of vision in the brain for interpretation.

It's no secret indeed of vitamin A is an important factor for the state of our eyes. As our parents always encouraged to consume a lot of carrots which is famous for its vitamin A content. Because vitamin A deficiency can cause a range of eye disorders, one night blindness. "Vitamin A provides energy and ensure better cell regeneration," explains dr. Ria Sylvia Sp.M, ophthalmologists from 'Undaan eye hospital' when found eHealth team on the sidelines of her busy.

However, dr. Ria - or close called dr. Ria Sylivia - explain that vitamin A is not the answer for patients with nearsightedness (minus) or farsighted (plus) to be cured, like a lot of myths that are spread in the community. Vitamin A deficiency causes abnormalities nor the ability to view, ie nearsightedness and farsightedness. "Once it was no big event that many people have a myopic lack of vitamin A, and when they consume food containing vitamin A in their eyes gradually recover," said the doctor was a graduate of the University of Airlangga. "Thus the stigma, if the vision started to clear, then direct people identical in carrots," she added with a smile.

For farsightedness abnormality or any distance, the eye due to anatomical abnormalities, or genetic. SHe then explained that the current games for the kids in circulation is a game that has many small details that demand more eye accommodation, such as for example a computer that has a lot of detail paper, white board markers sometimes have made too thin.

Airlangga University School of Medicine alumnus is continued that if the distinguished children's games ancient outdoor and mostly made from wood that has a large size so do not need excessive eye accommodation. Because if excessive eye accommodation, rapid muscle fatigue and eventually complained dizziness.

She appealed, especially for parents who have children still of school age children, to be more aware and alert to the habits of an unusual child. As an example:

1. Watch television too close
2. Position the child to see, first of all look up and then tilt your head too far to the left or right, or too down and also look up
3. Declining achievement

It is possible that some of these traits are the traits of your child's eyes are not normal, then these doctors appealed to parents to check their children's eye conditions to the eye doctor. "When children do not complain about things too can be compared to adults, so parents must be more aware," said dr. Ria.

While the function of the eye itself declined by itself at the age of 40 years and over due process of degeneration. "So in fact you use glasses only if the activities require us to see the detail, the goggles need, just adjusted to the circumstances," said this mother of three children. He cited that the elderly have generally now devouring newspaper every morning and demanding more accommodation so that the eyes require glasses to help see more clearly.

When asked how to maintain eye health, he then explained that the eyes are healthy physically healthy is not necessarily a function. "Minus-eyed man's eyes were physically okay, but its function is less," he explained.

Thus, to keep eyes healthy physically, then:

1. Keep your eye hygiene, such as for example cleaning up after the eye that often arise in the morning. This is a dirt eyes the tears dried up.

2. For those of you who wear contact lens, keep it clean to avoid irritation

3. Avoid trauma to the eye, such as for example to avoid places that are too dusty or use eye protection when going somewhere dusty.

4. Keep your nutrition or food intake so as to ensure good cell regeneration.

5. Do not forget to conduct routine screening, for children over six months, while for the old age state of eyes examined at least one year-two years


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