Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Keep Good Health With Sex

World Health - Jakarta, good sex is not only important to maintain a relationship with a partner but also good for one's health. A healthy sex life can be away from the risk of heart attack and sroke and improve quality of life.

According to scientists, sex is the most fun activity and also a healthy activity for the body.

As reported by buzzle, Tuesday (23/03/2010), there are a variety of benefits gained from sexual activity:

1. Sex Keeping healthy heart

According to a study conducted at Queens University Belfast, having sex three times a week can reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke by half.

2. Boost the immune system

Sex can increase the level of antibody immunoglobulin A, which serves to protect the body from viral and bacterial infections. Sex can also increase natural steroid known as DHEA that keep the body free from disease.

3. Inhibit the aging process
Someone could look 10 years younger with regular sex three times a week. Sex can also create smooth skin and reduce wrinkles due to remain sustained levels of estrogen. After menopause, the skin will normally become dry and more wrinkled as estrogen levels decline. Now, with regular sex, the hormone estrogen is released and can be useful to maintain skin.

4. Look more attractive

Doing the same sex for 30 minutes and burn 150 calories. With so will help reduce weight usually increases with increasing age. With the maintained weight a person will look more attractive.

Sex is also a form of aerobic exercise that can tighten the skin by pumping oxygen around the body and create new cells, so skin looks fresh.

5. Sex is the best stress-fighting
Sex as exercise that increases heart rate and makes the brain release chemicals that can either increase levels of serotonin. These hormones create a mood (mood) to be good, reduce stress and reduce depression.

Sex also makes you sleep better because after orgasm your body releases the hormone oxytocin and endorphins. According to a study published in the Journal Psychology, men who have sex in the last 24 hours, usually able to overcome the stress faced better.

6. Sex improve quality of life and relationships
A healthy sex life can improve the quality of life and better relationships. Provided that no sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, penis size is inadequate, can not orgasm all that could prove detrimental to your sex life. Each issue of sex can be a disaster because there was dissatisfaction experienced by one partner.

An unhealthy sex life can also have a negative impact that makes people feel more and more distant pairs. Sexual problems such as the above can actually be solved, whether with tools and consultation to address sexual disorders.

7. Increasing the number of sperm

The more often to have sex will increase the number of sperm and makes the individual will become increasingly close relationship with her partner. A good quality sperm will make someone have a child.


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