Thursday, May 13, 2010

Train Right Brain Function with Blogging

World Health - It is no secret that talk about childhood learning experiences, particularly in Primary Schools, for their elementary school in 80 years - maybe even the 90s until the year 2009, when asked what the most common picture painted during the lesson to draw then the answer is relatively the same drawing landscapes with a background of two mountains, complete with pictures of the sun that shines upon it and section field or fields at the bottom of the mountain.

There is a feeling to draw on the same theme with the description above ..?

It turns out when I meet with colleagues who live in Batam, Surabaya and Jakarta, in light conversation, they admitted experiencing the same thing that is drawing with the theme of landscape. And this is not a coincidence, but I see it as a pattern of education and teaching that emphasize the use of left brain functions that tend to process the empirical data in their behavior tends to memorize and imitate. Source demise of creativity if not balanced by the use of right brain functions.

And I only realized after all this time that the pattern of teaching and education has been less optimize right brain function so that when we have great capabilities supported by the right brain functions do not maximal because rarely practiced.

In connection with the story above, the widespread phenomenon of blogging activity making a positive impact in the crowded social in cyberspace. Each share experiences about anything, carries information which is beyond the entrance into a community and become the subject of discussion. Here the activities of right-brain functions becomes very optimal, especially when you pour an idea in writing for discussion


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