Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hepatitis disease - What is hepatitis?

World Health - Do not take for granted, hepatitis disease. Hepatitis B and C can progress to cirrhosis (hardening of the liver), liver cancer and other complications that can lead to death!

In our society, Hepatitis Disease, commonly known as jaundice. Actually Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver (liver) caused by various factors. Causes of hepatitis or jaundice, these include viral infections, metabolic disorders, alcohol consumption, autoimmune disease, the result of complications from other diseases, side effects from the consumption of drugs or the presence of parasites in the liver (liver).

Then why do we call this community jaundice? Here's his explanation. One of the symptoms of hepatitis (hepatitis symptoms) is the emergence of the yellow color of the skin, nails and the whites of the eyeball.

Inflammation of the liver cells can cause damage to cells, tissues, and even all parts of the liver (liver). If all parts of the liver (liver) have experienced damage will occur liver failure (liver) which caused death.

Although currently have no technology of transplantation/liver transplantation (liver) to replace the liver (liver), which was not working, but besides the cost is very expensive, the success of liver transplantation is still a very small percentage.


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