Monday, May 3, 2010

Natural Ways To Treat Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is in essence a metabolic disorder, because the decline in the production of hormone insulin, which functions to break down sugars in the blood or. As a result of decreases in productivity of the hormone insulin is produced by the pancreas gland, the body, it was increasing the rate of blood sugar, so sugar will be released through urine. This is what cause the feeling thirsty and lost a lot of weight by caloric excess in the body, accompanied by complaints, grievances: as always feel hungry, fatigue and excessive urination with frekwensi.

Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is a disease which is basically not very dangerous but is actually afraid of is if the long-term complications. This disease can cause a variety of other diseases, like heart disease, high blood pressure, and kidney disorders and damage to the nerve and retina of the eye. Diabetes mellitus is basically declining and complex nature.

These conditions resulted in all the sugar (in the form of glucose) is consumed by the body can not be processed properly, so blood sugar levels will rise. Sugar which includes polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, disaccharides, and monosaccharides are energy sources that support the whole activity. The whole of this sugar will be processed into power by the hormone insulin.

High blood sugar often is caused by several things, such as unbalanced diet and irregular, rest (sleep), which is less and the lack of sports activities and various other causes.

Discipline in maintaining blood sugar levels that enters the body, is one alternative, to reduce the spread of the disease. This requires prevention of complications by changing the wrong way of life, such as westernized way of life by becoming a more healthy way of life and avoid consuming foods or beverages that are taboo. Otherwise attend to consume food that contains low calories. Until blood sugar levels quickly returned to normal: the grass-umbian and others.

For treatment of this disease usually Herbalist do some therapy in order to be better known until the examination in which the damages caused by the disease so that drugs work is given or consumed will be more perfect.

Some species of medicinal plants that have a property as an anti-flogistika (anti-inflammatory), astringent, stimulant (drug for freshener) that the efficacy of the drug have oil content of tannin, a substance that can neutralize Leather and shed disease, sinensetin functioning as anti-bacterial and anti-toxin or anti-toxins for treatment of diabetes mellitus are as follows:

n Sidukung Anak (Phyllanthus alatus)
= 30 grams of fresh
Capo n leaves (Blumea balsamifera)
= 15 grams of fresh
n Piladang leaves (Coleus blumei)
= 15 grams of fresh
n fennel (Foeniculum Anethum)
= 15 grams
n Murbei Leaf (Morus Alba)
= 15 grams

All of these herbs are washed thoroughly with running water, boiled with 800 cc of water to boiling (left half) with the use of containers made of clay, or any of its ingredients email, and filtered. Drink decoction of medicinal plants was two times a day each half (sugar diet may be added to taste). may useful for treat diabetes mellitus


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