Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Penis, it can be broken

SEXOLOGY - Who would have thought if it turns out the penis or man genitals can have a broken. But that's a fact that will be faced by men if too excited in performing sexual activities.

Yvonne Fulbright, CEO Sexuality Source, Inc., disclose, even though it's a case of extremely rare, but very likely to happen if "Mr. P" in a state of erection and pushed into things harder and more rigid.

"This could also happen if at the time of contact, the man suddenly stabbed a movement that is too spirit and hit the woman's pubic bone," said Yvonne.

Male genitalia have two rooms like a sponge, called 'corpora cavernosa'. The cell membrane that surrounds this network can tear if there is an incredibly powerful impetus. If happens, you will hear the sound 'Krak', then erections will cease, and genitals were 'cracked'.

"Maybe it will happen bending in one direction, and urinating channel also will be damaged," he added.

With the appropriate relief, the cell membrane that are torn and the wound will be saved. If not, it's likely happened is Mr. P will be permanently bent and can even be experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Oops, too dangerous, then, yes! Though it is the most valuable goods for men. So, be careful ya. Take good care of one of these god's grace, not to be broken.


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