Saturday, May 1, 2010

Powerful Benefits of papaya

World Health - Papaya tree has been known since long ago as a nutritious plant or herb that can meyembuhkan various diseases. This nutritious plants used for traditional medicines in addition, also in use for various purposes such as cooking meat and increases the appetite. Every part of the papaya tree can be utilized, from the roots, stems, leaves, fruits, grains and even fruit.

This article will only discuss the benefits of papaya leaves, because one part was even already have many benefits.

1 Softer flesh.
The housewife may already be familiar with the properties of papaya to soften the meat. The content of sap (latex) in the leaves that will seep into the flesh and soften it. The trick, put the stew meat in papaya leaves, or wrap the meat in papaya leaves when boiled.

2. Acne drug.

Did you know that papaya can also overcome a stubborn pimple? The trick, grab 2-3 sheets of old papaya. Drying briefly and then mashed until smooth. After that, add one half tablespoon of water. Then brush the mixture on the affected part of the face such as wearing masks acne. Take a few moments, then rinse clean.

3. Increases the appetite.

Not hard to make this concoction of appetite enhancer, prepare fresh papaya palm-sized, a little salt, and half a cup of warm water. All the ingredients are mixed, ground or blender, then filtered to take the water and then drunk. This herb is safe, even for the kids though.

4. Anticancer.
From some of the research described, stems and leaves of papaya latex contains much white as milk (milky white latex), which likely developed as anticancer, as quoted from the Journal of the Society of Biology. Sap is automatically obtained when we consume papaya, cooked in any way.

5. Facilitate digestion.

Karpain compounds contained papaya potent inhibit microorganisms that interfere with the performance of several digestive functions, so that effectively suppresses the cause of typhoid fever.


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