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Chikungunya Disease, No Cause Death or Paralysis!

Earlier this year, in addition to the spread of dengue fever cases in some parts of Indonesia, the community is also troubled by cases of Chikungunya Disease.
The cause of this disease is a type of virus, Alphavirus, and is transmitted through mosquito Aedes aegypti. The same mosquitoes transmit dengue fever. Although still "brothers" with dengue fever, the disease is not fatal.

Diseases originating from mainland Africa are found in Indonesia was started in 1973. Chikungunya fever was first reported in Samarinda, then spread in Kuala Tungkal, Martapura, Ternate, Yogyakarta then expand into other areas.

Beginning in 2001, remarkable incident (KLB) Chikungunya fever occurred in Muara Enim, South Sumatra and Aceh. Bogor followed in October. A year later, another outbreak of Chikungunya fever in Bekasi (West Java), Purworejo and Klaten (Central Java).

Number of cases of chikungunya disease that happened during the years 2001-2003 reached 3918 cases without mortality. The main symptoms of Chikungunya disease is the body suddenly felt a fever followed by rheumatic pain in joints. In fact, because one of the typical symptom is the emergence of a sense of aches, pain, pain also arises in the bones, there are named as a fever or flu-bone bone.

The following questions and answers about the disease whose symptoms similar to dengue fever this. Chikungunya disease is spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Does this disease is also caused by dengue virus? So, what's the difference with dengue and how to distinguish?

Chikungunya disease caused by a virus called the Chikungunya virus. Chikungunya virus was signed in the family Togaviridae, genus alphavirus. Symptoms are similar to dengue virus infection with a bit of difference on certain things. The virus is transferred from one patient to another patient through the mosquito, Aedes aegypti, among others.

Viruses transmitted by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes will breed in the human body. Virus attack all ages, both children and adults in endemic areas. Patients will experience a sudden high fever for five days, so it is known the term fever of five days.

In young children begins with sudden fever, skin redness. Red rashes that appear after 3-5 days. Usually accompanied by red-eye signs such as the flu. Child's febrile seizure is common.

In older children, fever is usually followed by pain in muscles and joints, and enlarged lymph nodes occurred. In adults, symptoms of joint and muscle pain is very dominant and to cause temporary paralysis because of pain when walking. Sometimes nausea vomiting arise.
Fever in children is generally only lasts for three days with no or very little bleeding and shock are found.

The difference with dengue fever, Chikungunya none on bleeding, shock (shock) or death. With adequate rest, drug fever, compress, and the anticipation of febrile seizures, these diseases usually heal themselves within seven days.

What does "Chikungunya disease"?

Chikungunya Disease comes from the Swahili language based on patient symptoms, which means (body position) bend or curve (that Which contorts or bends up), referring to the bent posture of patients due to severe joint pain (arthralgia).

Joint pain, according to safety data sheets (MSDS) Office of Laboratory Safety Canada, mainly occurs in the knees, ankles and joints of the hands and feet.

Justify this dangerous and deadly disease?

Still a lot of belief among the public, that fever or flu Chikungunya fever, bone or bone as a dangerous disease, causing panic. Not infrequently people also believe that this disease can lead to paralysis.

Indeed, while viruses multiply in the blood, the patient felt pain in his bones especially around the joints so it does not dare to move the limb. However, there does not mean paralysis.
Chikungunya fever incubation period of two to four days. Manifestation of the disease lasts from three to 10 days. This includes self-limiting viral disease disappear on its own alias. However, the pain is still lagging behind in the count of weeks to months.

There's no vaccine or specific drug for Chikungunya disease. Self-lowering medication and painkillers can be bought in shops. What is important enough rest, drink and good food. This includes self-limiting viral disease disappear on its own alias. However, the pain is still lagging behind in the count of weeks to months.

So, do not panic if there are family members who suffer from this disease, as not to cause death. Pain in joints that do not cause paralysis. The patient could move her body as usual. Doctors usually prescribe pain relievers and fever or a class of drugs known as cold medicines and vitamins for immune system booster.

Some say the disease can be overcome by consuming fresh fruit juice, is it true?

For patients who are encouraged to eat nutritious foods, adequate protein and carbohydrates and especially drink as much as possible. Expand consume fresh fruits. Should drink fresh fruit juice. After the past five days, the fever will gradually subside, feeling pain or pain in joints and muscles is reduced, and the sufferer will be cured as before.

Immune-enhancing vitamins are also useful for dealing with this disease. Besides vitamins, foods that contain enough protein and carbohydrates also increase endurance. A good body resistance and adequate rest can make sense of pain in joints quickly disappear. Drinking lots of water is also recommended to relieve symptoms of fever.

How do I avoid Chikungunya disease?

The only way to avoid Chikungunya disease is to eradicate mosquitoes carrying the virus. This mosquito, like live and breed in clean standing water such as bathtub, flower vases, and also cans or bottles that contain water.

Black and white patterned insects are also happy to live in a hanging objects like clothes that are behind the bedroom door. In addition, mosquitoes are also enjoying the dark and airless.

Given the spreaders of this disease is the Aedes aegypti mosquito is the best way to break the chains of transmission is by eradicating mosquitoes, as is often suggested in the eradication of dengue fever disease. Insecticides are used to eradicate this mosquito is of the faction malathion, whereas themopos for his deadly wiggler.

Can someone attacked this illness many times?

The good news, the disease is difficult to attack the same person. Patient body will form antibodies that will make them immune to this disease later in life. Thus, the less likely for them to hit again. (ZRP/multiple sources)


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