Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kinds of Modern Diseases, Deadly Diseases

Trends in health risks shifted from the traditional risks (malnutrition, sanitation, hygiene, etc) to modern risks (obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, etc.), said Dr. John Chandrawinata, MND, SpGK.

Dr. Johanes, nutritionist RS. Boromeus Bandung expresses, the transition is to make lifestyle changes become a major killer disease 10 in Indonesia, especially urban residents.

"Heart disease is the highest cause of death due to unhealthy lifestyles," he said at the MoU with Tipco Kalbe Farma in Jakarta, Wednesday (31/3).

He specified the 10th of the disease are: stroke (19.4 percent), diabetes mellitus (9.3), hypertension (7.5), TB (7.3), heart iskesmik (6.5), tumor violent ( 5.8), liver/Lever (5.5), NEC (5.3), other heart disease (5.1), and the breath of chronic cardiovascular disease (4.7).

While 10 major killer diseases of the villagers, according to him were: stroke (16.1 percent), TB (9.1), hypertension (8.3), under the breath of chronic cardiovascular disease (7,1), tumor violence (6, 6), liver (6.0), ischemic heart disease (5.6), NEC (5.4), other heart disease (4.7), diabetes mellitus (4.4).[Poskota]

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