Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Balanced Menu for Toddlers

World Health - Different nutritional needs of toddlers from adults. During the growth of, balanced nutrition is very big influence.

Toddler development

Infancy is the period of physical and mental development of rapid, toddler period is a period of physical and mental development are rapid. In this period the brain toddlers mother was ready to face a variety of stimuli such as learning to walk and speak more fluently.

Toddlers different menus, with adult

Toddlers have different nutritional needs than adults. They need more fat and less fiber. Pay attention to these differences when planning a food menu toddler:

Sugar & Salt - forget the use of sugar and salt in the baby's menu. Even if he had aged over a year, limit its use. Salt intake for infants less than one sixth the maximum number of adults per day or less than 1 gram. Observe food 'toddlers' because the food is not necessarily adult suited him. Sometimes she is too much salt foods or sugar, or contain preservatives or artificial coloring.

Eating Portion - The portion of children also eat differently from adults. They need a complete energy source of food nutrients in the number of smaller but frequent.

Energy Needs & Nutrition - Raw food such as energy sources of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins, minerals and fiber mandatory child consumed each day. Arrange all sources of these nutrients in the daily menu.

Growth of milk
- Milk as a source of calcium, toddlers consumed are also important. Toddlers need at least 350 ml/12 oz per day. Growth of the Nutricia Dairy milk is complete nutrition that is able to meet the nutritional needs of children aged 12 months upwards and to complement the toddler menu.

So what is 'balanced menus' that?

Balanced Menus is a combination of:


* Like rice, bread, cereals, potatoes, or noodles.
* Recommend various carbohydrates in turn.
* In addition to the main menu, carbohydrates can be processed as a snack or school supplies such as bread pudding or a delicious potato donuts.

Fruit and vegetables

* Like bananas, papayas, oranges, tomatoes and carrots
* Type of diverse vegetables contain different nutrients.
* Give every day either in the form of fresh or processed into juice.

Milk and dairy products

* Milk growth
* Dairy products like cheese and yoghurt
* Make sure toddlers Mom get enough calcium intake of milk consumption


* Like fish, milk, meat, eggs, nuts
* Pause gift when emerging allergy or replace with other protein sources.
* For vegetarians, combine the milk consumption with high vitamin C content within beverage to help iron absorption.

Fat and sugar

* As contained in the oil, coconut milk, and butter, bread, and cakes also contain omega 3 and 6 are important for brain development. Make sure toddlers Mom get the essential fatty and sugar levels sufficient for growth. However it should be noted that the fat and sugar is not used as a substitute for other foods (like carbs).

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