Thursday, May 20, 2010

Children Healthy Food - Healthy Snacks

Alternative Children Healthy Food [healthy snacks] at home:

1. Mini pizzas with a topping of olive oil, grated cheese, dressing/sauce, grated carrots and other vegetables.

2. Mix snacks include dried fruit, nuts, sunflower seeds, or roasted peanuts combined with vanilla soy yogurt in a bowl of plastic containers.

3. Fruits that are combined with low-fat milk or yogurt and blend and cooled.

4. Popocorn plus a bowl of Parmessan cheese.

Children Healthy Food in infancy [healthy snacks]:

1. Small can of low sodium vegetable juice and grated cheese
2. One or two pieces of wheat muffin with a small carton of low-fat milk
3. Half or quarter the sandwiches peanut/butter, peanut butter
4. A few tablespoons of yogurt or peanut butter and egg with a slice of rye bread
5. A slice of pizza and a can of pineapple juice

Sweet and healthy snacks:

a. Whip cream cheese biscuits with sliced strawberries plus or strawberry jam without sugar.
b. Plus honey muffin
c. Mixture of dried apricots or a sliced banana with a piece of chocolate
d. Plus yogurt peanuts as toping
e. Pudding made from skimmed milk with added fresh fruit/frozen

Three facts kids need a snack:

1. Kids can be hungry before lunch hour has arrived for breakfast though.

2. Is an appropriate filler snacks in between meals (breakfast-lunch-dinner).

3. According to the Journal of the American Dietetics Association, 80% of children happy to consume snacks (cakes, biscuits, juice) that can maintain the number of calories in body.

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