Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Acne Solutions - Acne Treatment

Acne Solutions - Acne treatment at home can help eliminate acne flourish.

1. Washed carefully once or twice a day.

2. Do not squeeze pimples (pimples), because it often leads to infections, pimples (acne) worse, and scars/marks.

3. Use of water from skin care products that gently clean your skin. Avoid dairy products such as cleaners (milky cleansers), cold creams, lipsticks, and lip glosses that contain oils.

4. Using drugs cream, soap, lotion, gel, and for treating acne your acne. Always read the label carefully to make sure you use the product correctly.

Examples of some products/drugs used for treatment of acne pimples, including:

a. Benzoyl peroxide (Benoxyl, Benzac, Clearasil), which can cleanse the pores.

b. Alpha-hydroxy acid, which drain the wound and cause the top layer of skin peeled off. You'll find alpha-hydroxy acid in a moisturizer, cleanser, eye cream, and sunscreens.

c. Salicylic acid (Clearasil, Propa pH, Stri-Dex), which drain the wound and cause the top layer of skin to peel.

d. Tea tree oil to kill bacteria. You'll find tea tree oil in gels, creams, and oils.
Other products that can help your overall skin condition include skin pore cleansing strips. When you attach the strip on your skin, dirt and/or makeup issued by the strip.

You will get better results if you follow the instructions for using drugs that If you use the product too often, acne can be severe.


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