Thursday, May 6, 2010

Danger stop sneezing - Diseases caused

WORLD HEALTH - Sneezing is an activity often carried out and almost everyone in this world never experienced such thing as "Sneeze". Because it is a natural thing.

But, sometimes when we're hanging out with friends, meetings, and so a sudden urge to sneeze suddenly appear. We recommend that you do not hold that feeling, but better looking place a bit away from that if there was no one to sneeze and then release it. Why? Apparently, to suppress a sneeze can endanger our health.

"Sneezing is a positive activity because it has a function to clean the pharynx (the cavity between the nose, mouth and throat) and this is a good thing, whereas the net to hold dangerous precisely because it could pose some risks, 'said Dr. Michael Roizen, chief officer Clevelend Wellness Clinics, as quoted from, Monday (03/08/2010).

Roizen reveals there are some dangers that can be caused if a person holding a sneeze that is:

1. Cause fractures in the nasal cartilage
2. Nosebleed
3. Burst eardrum
4. Hearing loss
5. Vertigo
6. Retinal that escapes or emphysema. This is because the body seeks to restrain the high speed of a sneeze. Injuries arising generally affect the structures in the head.

Several kinds of diseases caused by holding a sneeze is not separated because of the speed of a sneeze that reach 161 KM/Hr. When we suppress a sneeze, it means that we force the body to withstand sudden. It will certainly disrupt the function of the body other than a germ that will come out probably go back into the body. Imagine, when we drive a motorcycle with high speed and then braked suddenly, after a long time there must be a part of experiencing a malfunction.

But, even to suppress a sneeze that is not recommended, we must still maintain the ethics. Should always have a handkerchief/tissue in our pockets. Close your mouth and nose when sneezing is to avoid disturbing others and will probably spread the disease to others. Or at least use our hands to close it.


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