Saturday, May 1, 2010

How to Facilitate Urine

World health - Urinary pain that can not pass, though haltingly and often accompanied by pain when urinating, the water was very hot, and intermittently also want to go pee, people who suffer from this, it can be healed using traditional ingredients.

How to Make it:
Take the cat's whiskers leaves quite a lot. Then, drying under the hot sun for a week so that leaves the cat's whiskers completely dry and harden. Every morning, noon and afternoon pick up little leaves already dried cat's whiskers as a substitute for the use of leaf tea is brewed in a glass and drink water by steeping the cat's whiskers mixed with palm sugar, one teaspoon only.

If you really drink steeping it with a regular cat whiskers, just four days you are not bothered by the halting of urine or pain when urinating. Your pee will be smooth.

We need to explain, too, that the steeping water use cat whiskers can be used. Within one month with daily drinking herbal potions as above, breakfast, lunch and evening. Certainly the illness can be cured.


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