Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Factors that cause Kidneys Failure

Kidneys are vital organs of one of its functions is as a filter or filter the blood. For those who have high blood pressure should be kept absolutely do not let our blood pressure up and down because of high blood pressure when we climbed down the kidneys work harder lead. Avoid soft drinks, much less drunk this morning fatally weaken the kidney function.

When we experience the blood viscosity, flee to drink lots of warm water. This serves to thin the blood in the kidneys filter blood let more light leakage does not occur kidney damage.

Beginnings of kidney disease usually begins with high blood pressure and heart disease are not maintained properly.

Do not be too much consumption of chemical drugs, because the kidney function will increasingly work hard, try herbal remedies such as the consumption of supplements. Kidney disease currently affects many of all ages not just parents alone, many teenagers also suffer from this disease.

Symptoms of kidney failure, swelling of body experiences, especially in the area hands and feet, around the waist and the body often felt weak, tired and hypertensive disorders.

The cause of this disease among others, due to unhealthy lifestyles, rarely exercise, diet nonsense, often consume alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, lack of drinking water and chemical drugs in the long term. Therapy can be used routinely by acupressure, cordyceps and vigor rousing consumption capsul.


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