Wednesday, December 1, 2010

List of Healthy Food, We Need To Eat

List of Healthy Food - Dr. Jonny Bowden is the author of "The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth". He has compiled a list of healthy foods should be eaten but is often forgotten.

Some healthy foods on his list, is often eaten people, such as guava, but beyond that, a list of other healthy foods that many people tend to be ignored.

Here's a list of healthy foods for all kinds of diseases that God willing to immediately cure your disease. Naturally as follows:

1. Red Spinach
If you are not familiar with this food, try with red spinach. In these vegetables are sources of folic acid and red pigments that are good for fighting cancer. Want to eat? try as vegetables or make a salad, because if it is cooked to reduce the power of antioxidants.

2. Cabbage
Contain many nutrients like sulforaphane. According to Bowden, it produces chemicals that can produce cancer-producing enzyme.

Indonesian People often avoid the consumption of cabbage for fear of iodine absorption into the body is hampered by this vegetable. However, consuming adequate amounts of cabbage may be beneficial to the fight against cancer.

Advice to eat try the sliced raw as a topping or in a burger or sandwich.


3. Swiss chard
Radish contains carotenoids that can protect aging eyes. If you want maximum, try to eat by way of chopping into small pieces and saute with olive oil.

4. Cinnamon
Function can control blood sugar and cholesterol. Advice to consume, Dab in the beverage or food. Padang compote ordinary wear cinnamon. Nasi Arab kebuli sometimes also use cinnamon.

5. Pomegranate juice
Function can lower blood pressure and rich in antioxidants. To be more useful than trying to make juice not much vitamin is wasted, freshness can be felt.

6. Dried plums
This fruit contains antioxidants so that should not be ignored. Usually consumed as an additional ingredient in the cake.

7. Pumpkin seeds
The part that tends to often discarded it turned out to contain a lot of magnesium, a mineral that when levels are sufficient to make a reduced risk of premature death.

Besides commonly consumed in the form of pumpkin seeds, also can be sprinkled on salads.

10. Frozen blueberries
Although the nutritional content of frozen fruit is not reduced much. It contains a substance that the test can improve brain memory. Want to eat? definitely try to make delicious juice. Can be mixed with yogurt, chocolate, soy milk or almond topping


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