Wednesday, December 29, 2010

90 Percent Women Bored with her life

90 Percent Women Bored with her life, A study conducted Florette Fruit, a brand of fast food, found that 90 percent of women feel like more. The respondents all of whom are British residents say they feel bored with the same routine over and over again every day.
In the same survey, respondents were asked what could make them feel happier, and the respondents said they would be happy if you can put things in their lives spontaneously. Here's the results of the survey:

1. 90 percent agree, their frustration will be reduced if they make an effort to be more spontaneous in their daily lives.

2. 6 out of 10 want to ruin their daily routine by going on an airplane to a distant place spontaneously.

3. One third of respondents wish to emigrate if they have the courage.

4. As many as 16 percent of respondents they want to try something new in bed.

5. 11 percent of volunteers felt bored with their partner.

6. 31 percent want to say the contents of their hearts to people they like.

7. 4 in 10 said their job now is very annoying, and 61 percent said they would feel able to do better if they had more time off.

8. 46 percent blamed the poor social life.

9. 1 out of 10 respondents wanted to swim without any clothes.

According to life coach, Becki Houlston, the word "but" often prevents us to seize opportunities and put the balance in life. Here are 10 things you want to do the women respondents spontaneously:

1. Go to the airport and get on a plane to wherever whatever the closest schedule - 60 percent.
2. Emigration - 35 percent.
3. Express the contents of the mind, to a person - 31 percent.
4. Put a letter of resignation without another job waiting for - 26 percent.
5. Change your hair style is very dramatic - 26 percent.
6. Trying something new in bed - 16 percent.
7. Breast enlargement plastic surgery - 14 percent.
8. Back school - 14 percent.
9. Singing in public - 12 percent.
10. Dinner with a picnic in the park - 10 percent.
11. Sick leave from work - 10 percent.
12. Swim without wearing any clothes - 10 percent.

Is boredom will also hit your life? Hm, it seems now the perfect time to arrange your new year resolution. Taking the meaning of the survey results above, one that you can paste in a list of resolutions is a point to fill the day with a spontaneous thing that does not harm anyone.


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