Sunday, December 5, 2010

Detail Picture of Delivery Process | First in World

Detail Picture of Delivery Process - For the sake of scientific progress, a mother from Berlin, Germany, the process of childbirth in the MRI scanner (magnetic resonance imaging). The results for the first time in the world resulting MRI image of a baby birth process.

The team of doctors consisting of gynecologists, radiologists and engineers collaborated over two years to create an open MRI machine that can accommodate pregnant women in childbirth. As is known a conventional MRI machine is shaped like a long, narrow hallway.

With this special MRI machine experts hope will produce a more detailed description of how a baby through the birth canal to help understanding whether or not a woman to undergo delivery by cesarean section.

"For the first time we can see a picture with a clear mechanism in normal vaginal deliveries. Already the obstetrician decades trying to understand the complications that cause the baby not be born normally, such as the pelvis is narrow or there are no openings," said Dr.Manny Alvarez, expert content from obgin and reproductive sciences department at Hackensack University Medical Center, USA.

He said, various tools such as ultrasound or x-rays to measure bone in the pelvis that is used is very minimal.

"Now the doctor can get an explanation of why a woman could give birth to babies with substantial weight while others do not. The doctor also can determine the cause of abnormalities of dystocia shoulder that occurred due to the baby's shoulder hit the hip bone," he said.

A spokesman for the Charite hospital, the meeting place of birth in the MRI, said the delivery process went smoothly and now the mother and baby in good health.

MRI machines
work by using magnetic fields and radio waves to produce detailed images of organs and tissues. Doctors usually use this tool to help diagnose disorders such as nerve, spinal cord injury, or tumor.


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