Sunday, December 26, 2010

Alcohol Consumption Relationship with Cancer

Alcohol Consumption Relationship with Cancer
Alcohol Consumption Relationship with Cancer - AICR expert panel found the evidence convincing that alcoholic associated with cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, and colorectal cancer in men and pre and post-menopausal cancer in women. Also, drinking alcohol likely to cause liver cancer and colorectal cancer in women.

"It does not matter whether you're talking about wine, beer or sprite, if they are linked with cancer, although in small numbers but still be able to increase the risk. Given the fact that once suggested that a little alcohol can prevent heart disease, however, the panel recommends to limit and if you can even avoid it altogether, "said James.

More recommendations, saying: "If alcohol is consumed, limit consumption of no more than two mouthfuls per day for men and one gulp for women." The differences are based on differences in body composition of male and female anatomy.

Recommendations for Lifestyle

Although equally important, these suggestions should be tailored to the population or the limited circumstances:

  • People who are worried about the risk of stomach cancer should reduce salt intake.
  • People who currently rely on supplements to prevent cancer should try to get protection from a full meal.
  • Mothers should breastfeed in his time and the babies should be breastfed.
  • To reduce the risk of recurrence, those who are cancer survivors should follow the recommendations for cancer prevention.
  • "Cancer can be prevented. There are changes you should do in everyday life which can reduce the likelihood of developing cancer, "said James.
  • He pointed out, the recommendations provide a clear picture of how life and consistent, which supports a longer healthier life.
  • Let's eat more vegetables, fruits and other foods that lower energy density per day, which will reduce the room for the meat.
  • Let's leave our backwardness, however and whenever we can. "
  • Changing your diet and activity can keep you on track to become lean as possible and maintained the slimming. This is the first suggestion.
  • "This is life pattern a potentially save millions of lives . If these suggestions was adopted by the whole world, scientists predict, it could prevent about a third of cancer cases world, "said James.

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