Thursday, December 2, 2010


healthy snack for children
HEALTHY SNACK FOR CHILDREN - Children are developing very fast, so you burn more energy in his body. Since the child's stomach capacity is very small, they can not eat enough for us, but in general, children will eat every 2-3 hours. It is time we give snacks. Not only is it important to train your child to choose snacks that they should consume, but the parents also have to educate them early on to eat good food so that helps keep them away from obesity as adults.

One thing that must be considered by the parents: how to create and prepare healthy meals for their children. Maybe this will be difficult at first, especially for those who have limited time after work. But you do not need to worry, many healthy menu that you can prepare with ease.

How to serve snacks to children
-Make a schedule of snacks. Children usually will take any available at the desk. Serve food on time.

-Make a variety of snacks. Provide a healthy snack that uses basic ingredients vary so that the Son is not easily bored.

-Serve with a variety of ways. Serve the celery and carrots with low fat dressing, or a combination of dry bread wheat with a variety of fields

-Cut foods into interesting shapes. To attract children, cut food into funny shapes, interesting, and easy directly eaten.

-Generate creativity of children with him to prepare his snack. You can invite them to prepare for his snack.

-The kids are very happy to determine its own food menu. Include them to choose healthy snack and become part of the team healthy eating family.

-Make a list of healthy snacks that they choose, and encourage them to choose snacks that they will eat the next day.

-Take them shopping-materials to make their favorite snack.

-Provide and show a good example. Children learn eating habits from the people closest namely parents. You can not force him to like broccoli and low-fat milk, if you choose to eat chips and soft drinks. Choose nutritious foods for you and encourage children to love it. Introduce these good habits.

-Offer a selection of food from the same group. For example you can offer a choice of bread with fruit jam or peanut butter, or strawberry juice or apple juice.
Snack spot or corner-snack. Provide a place in the refrigerator or cupboard special meal for a healthy snack that is always available every day, so this place should be easily accessible and safe for children. Tell them that you provide this food is good food they consume when they are hungry.

-Keep trying even if your child is a voter. You can not force the children enjoyed a snack that you give. Always try a new snack with a small portion. Note the tendency of taste. When you are forced to prepare a snack ready to eat, choose a sack that does not contain much sugar, salt (sodium), or oil. Choose snacks that contain high fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals.


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