Friday, December 17, 2010

Alert to Slimming Drug

Alert to Slimming Drug
Alert to Slimming Drug - Obesity is a scourge, not only for women but also men. Apart from the obvious appearance, in terms of health has been proven that obesity is detrimental to health. That's why many people do various efforts to reduce excess weight.
In addition to prescription drugs that have been proven medically, commercially available various supplement products, herbal medicine and traditional medicine to reduce excess weight. Although there is no scientific evidence, these products claim to be able to shed fat fast. The extent to which security products?

"Slimming supplements, such as type of fat burner, usually contain caffeine high. In high doses, these supplements can disrupt heart rhythms and cause hypertension," said dr.Johanes Chandrawinata, Sp.GK, from the Association of Physician Nutrition Specialist Clinic Indonesia.

Johanes attention, most supplement slimming products in circulation is sold at expensive but not really effective weight loss. "If it's effective, why are not sold as a prescription drug whose price is definitely more expensive?," He asked.

He urged the public to be careful in choosing slimming products. "Avoid taking drugs, herbs or supplements that have diuretic side effects or increase urination and defecation. The product type that is rapidly losing weight, but drained of body fluids and blood flow to vital organs is interrupted," said a doctor from RS.Boromeus Bandung.

If used in the long term, these drugs can cause heart and kidney disorders.

Weight loss drug circulating in Indonesia and already approved the current POM is a class of Diethylpropion and Orlistat. Both are clinically proven safe for long-term use.

Previously circulated also anti-obesity drug sibutramine group but since October 2010, POM suspended the marketing authorization of this drug after several international scientific journals publish research results about the side effects of these drugs that can cause strokes and heart problems.

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