Friday, December 17, 2010

2014, AIDS Sufferer Increased 5775 People

2014, AIDS Sufferer Increased 5775 People
2014, AIDS Sufferer Increased 5775 People - The number of children infected with the HIV virus was expected to rise. Ministry of Health predicts, in 2014 HIV-positive children increased so that the total 5775 cases of HIV positive children in Indonesia until the year it reached 34,287 cases.
"Indeed the number of new HIV cases has increased, overall both men and women, the infection goes on, more and more equitable service for testing so much easier," said the doctor was HIV UPT Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Prof. Samsuridjal Djauzi in discussions "School for Children HIV Positive "in the City Thamrin, Jakarta, Sunday (12/12/2010).

It is said Samsuridjal, the number of HIV positive children are in line with the increasing number of women of childbearing age, 20-35 years, HIV-infected individuals. "Presentas women has increased, the RSCM course, in 2006 only 17 percent, in 2008 was 24 percent," he said.

HIV positive women in fertile age have a higher chance of conceiving. Then capable of transmitting the HIV virus to the fetus or her child through breast milk. "Positive pregnant women, 35 percent pass on their children," said Samsuridjal.

Most women are infected with HIV, further Samsuridjal, transmitted by her husband. Only a small proportion of infected due to other issues such as sharing needles. "82 percent passed on her husband, only 18 percent are due to something else," he added.

Nevertheless, said Samsuridjal, transmission of the HIV virus from mother to child can be prevented when the child is still in the womb. Prevention with drugs to reduce the risk of transmission of the child.

However, until now only about 9 provinces in Indonesia that serve these prevention programs. "There are still many that have not been to the program, we hope the government can continue to assist the prevention of HIV in children," he concluded.


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