Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stomach Cancer Symptoms

Stomach Cancer Symptoms - Stomach cancer is a condition that does not show any symptoms at an early stage. It is a progressive and degenerative disorders. Most of the Stomach Cancer Symptoms can be very vague and general, such as nausea or heart burn in early. Even the weight loss seems to be gradual, and only in the final stages of all these symptoms seem to be extreme.

Here are some symptoms of gastric cancer:

Spots of blood in the stool is one of the signs of suffering from stomach cancer when distributing fecal blood presence also caused by other conditions. But for stomach cancer is one of the most indicative symptoms. Also, it is a symptom that is connected to several types of cancer. When there is tumor present in the stomach, may cause blood to flow out through the feces.

Suffering from constant pain in the abdomen is a symptom of gastric cancer. This can be anything from mild pain to severe cramping pain. Type of pain usually is on the upper abdomen.

Constant with nausea and vomiting, especially after you eat is a sign of gastric cancer. nausea may be persistent and present for an extended period. It is never associated with fever or headache. Type of nausea often indicate serious health problems.

Loss of appetite for no reason is another sign that quite often seen in people who suffer from undiagnosed cancer of the stomach. Some people may experience bloating in the abdominal area even if they do not eat anything.

Bowel habits may change dramatically. constant tiredness and fatigue are common Stomach Cancer Symptoms.

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