Monday, December 27, 2010

Role of Mother in Overcoming Malnutrition

Overcoming Malnutrition
Role of Mother in Overcoming Malnutrition - The UN agency that focuses fight against hunger and malnutrition, the World Food Programme (WFP), targeting the 845 thousand children helped each year. WFP with its programs to address malnutrition, including in 100 areas of eastern Indonesia, a top priority. Funds needed 33 million dollars per year to run various hunger prevention programs.
"Currently, one third of the funds collected from donations needs of government and the private sector," said Mitra Salima Suryono, Public Information Officer WFP, after submission of a donation from the Blue Band to the WFP, in Hypermart Thamrin City on Wednesday (07/21/2010).

The contribution of various parties are needed for more and more children are able to grow and increase its capacity. For the first child must be free from the danger of hunger and malnutrition. Participation of the mother also has its own role.

Peggy Melati Sukma, artists and activists of social activities, said the problem of malnutrition in children could not be separated from the role of parents, especially mothers.

"Moreover, mothers who more often associated with children, without excluding the role of man to overcome the problem of malnutrition in the family," said Peggy told Compass Female, after attending the delivery of donations to WFP's Blue Band through the School Meal Program.

According to Peggy, as adults, parents have the responsibility for the quality of children associated with nutritional intake. More importantly he says, understanding parents and families about nutrition children need to be improved.

"To answer the problem of malnutrition need to focus on education, especially to parents. Malnutrition is also related to income per capita of population is still low," he added.

However, Peggy said, parents have high income does not necessarily guarantee the child was malnourished. Once again, he added, an understanding of malnutrition and food needs have more incentive given to the parents.

Peggy social activities are also targeting the problem of hunger, with regular weekly activities include the provision of nutritious meals to children. In addition to other social activities such as trauma healing or tent child happy to assist victims of natural disasters.

The role of women and mothers is also needed to support the fulfillment of child nutrition. At least can start from the home itself and the nearest person around, making sure children have good nutrition and prevent hunger.

As confirmed partners, overcoming malnutrition will be more impact on poverty reduction. However, tackling poverty does not necessarily have a major impact to reduce the problem of malnutrition.

"Reducing the problem of malnutrition 1 percent impact on poverty reduction 4 percent. In contrast, only 1 percent of poverty reduction will only affect (reduce) the problems of malnutrition 0.025 percent," said Mitra.

The easiest way is the mother is shopping by selecting products that support this kind of program. In addition to exchanging information that becomes another way to spread the message of the importance of compliance with child nutrition. Support various parties, including you, are needed to overcome malnutrition.


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